Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Get trapped homie.

In the span of just two releases, that prolific warlock of witchy trap evil nullse† is back already with his follow up to BE∆RCR∆FT. Filled with blood, sugar, sex, and black magik, this new release is something you jam on mollys, or whatever the fuck you kids are into these days. 2013 dudes - get wasted and kill yourself!

Sooner or later nullse† is gonna go up in black smoke, casting spells with straight Crowley status, living underneath the wires and fiber cables connected to your precious internet, and just start wilding out Columbine style... but 'til then we have these dope jamz to fuck to. So better get on clicking homeslice.

Man, time flies when you're having rum. (FYI I'm buzzedddd as fuuuckk duuude!)



To solidify his status as the most prolific motherfucker this side of cyberspace, our man released this dancey little EP as primer-slash-accompaniment to his latest album.

It looks like 2013 is shaping to be an awesome year for the cult. Get saved or go to heaven and be lame!

Now download Leftoverz.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

CSR011: Cult Shit Media Blackout presents The Pyramid Head

Happy new year and all that jazz ghoulies.

This needs no introduction at all so we won't even bother trying. The long awaited, held up numerous times because of fate and happenstance, CSMB label sampler is finally fucking here. And man, it sure as hell doesn't disappoint.

Its got the past hits, the exclusives and the yet to be released shit -- IT HAS EVERYTHING AND THE KITCHEN SINK! We're telling ya - *Vince Vaughn voice* its money.

Peep the tracklist:

What did we tell ya? Money. Download that motherfucker NOW.

Cult Shit Media Blackout presents The Pyramid Head