Saturday, April 13, 2013

CSR019: CR1M3LY - witch love: 1 EP x CSRMixtape003: G3T NUD3 F0R TH3 CULT

Dark, drag genius. That's what this is.

CR1M3LY drops her 2 track EP perfect for your next seance or virgin sacrifice. Pretty and sparse and dragged out, witch love: 1 is the future sound of the underground.

The only problem here is its only 2 songs. You are left wanting more of these songs, bordering into clawing your eardrums out. But don't. Not just yet. Because if this is what CR1M3LY has in-store for us all, we're seeing big things.

Let the darkness in.


We asked the homegirl to make us a mix for the blog's mixtape series, and what she gave us is 20 minutes of some straight fucked up Project X soundtrack on better drugs. This is what's gonna be playing on your next Hangover screening after party, trust us. Springbreakers has nothing on this drop, we're telling yous.

Now go download that and fucking throw a party and trash your neighbour's house! DO IT!

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