Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's a trap!

No, not really, it's just our homeboy NULLSE✝ bringing the evil. Mad evil that gives Salem a run for their money, with the southern trap clap and bass heavy synths that ups the evil to 11. You'll notice that we'll keep repeating the word "evil" throughout this post, because, this motherfucker is evil to the bone.

A fitting soundtrack to the end of the world, BE∆RCR∆FT sets the stage to the coming apocalypse with its dark sorcery of beats and sacrificial synths. Evil we tells ya.

This the first release of Null with "label support" which we don't get why. Dude is mad prolific (check out his bandcamp) and out to take names, but as to why no "indie label heavy hitters" has tapped him yet is a complete mystery. That's why we're here, to give people like NULLSE✝ the audience they deserve. Now, be part of that audience and worship on the altar. Virgin blood not included.


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