Monday, March 18, 2013

CSR015: Mushroom, the Truth - Odds & Ends

Real life caught up with me so the releases are late to be, um, released. It would be awesome if running this label was my actual day job, but its not and I need to eat. Maybe one day, but not today. Sorry dudes.

BUT! In interest in making it up to you people who follow the cult, we're releasing our backlog all in one swoop! So I dunno, get stoked or some shit.

(Btw, we're now in Bandcamp! Why'd you look at that huh? The brightness of stepping into the future is blinding! Remember kids: - BOOKMARK THAT SHIT)

First off we have Mushroom, the Truth with something old-new. Odds & Ends may be a gathering of his past songs from different points of his music making career, but its remarkably consistent and flows together nicely like it was actually made to be an album.

It covers all the bases. There's drone-y jamz that hark to the good old days of a superb Not Not Fun release (think Pocahaunted), weirdo freak folk layers, found sound collages, all dripping with psychedelia that you won't hear from any of the releases out today, especially locally.

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