Thursday, November 8, 2012

CSR008: Kidstuff - Nothing But A Test

Here's a record we're sure that would get stuck in your mp3 player of choice.

Kidstuff, the solo project from the frontman of The Strangeness Francis Cabal, is like a gem that was unearthed from a long forgotten musical past of rock and roll - its not of this time but definitely of the now. These lo-fi garage folk tunes is something a modern Woodie Guthrie would sing, stories a forgotten blues musician would tell. You see the trend here? Then you're probably close to what Kidstuff sounds like.

But then again there are curve balls thrown all the time.

Francis and I we're talking about the album and he said he's glad to get these songs out of his system. In my point of view its like expelling demons - and personally its like he is expelling his demons. And watch out for his Townes Van Zandt and Elf Power covers - they are heartbreakingly sweet and would be your new favorites. Someone tell Jam883 to play these songs on Different Sunday FUCKING STAT!

Expect more songs from the latest cult member soon because there are more stories to tell and more songs to sing. And take note: our November streak continues!

Download it. Love it. Leave it.

Kidstuff - Nothing But A Test

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