Monday, March 18, 2013


And lastly for our backlog roundup, there's CR1M3LY. Formerly known as Saat Bahar, she picks up where her last moniker left off and steps her game up into dizzying levels.

Its slowed down, drugged out, evil, ethereal beats oozing out of the digital manifolds of the internet - communing with the dead and speaking in tongues. This is analog machinery and digital VST seance, packaged in mp3s. Get your demons ready, they're all coming out after listening to this.

This wraps up our backlog. There are tons coming up in the coming months, so best check back like you always do. We heard CR1M3LY is making a mix? Aren't you not stoked yet?!

Shouts out to CR1M3LY's girl Julia who made the sick cover art! Check out her Tumblr.

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