Saturday, April 13, 2013

CSR020: Is▲Real - Strength EP

Last on our backlog is the long awaited EP of Is▲Real, and boy this does not disappoint.

After a bit of waiting, this drop would get you stoked on what Is▲Real could do with a full length album. K-hole inducing music that would suck you in deep and won't let you go, just for starters. These 6 songs are gonna be stuck on your ipod, not by choice, but by demand. You won't have the strength (pun intended) to climb out that hole and change the music, so just push repeat. You're welcome.

Ever his own worst critic, Is▲Real pushes himself into being ten times better after each song, and at the rate he is going, next release would be nothing short of stellar. But for now, go download Strength and blow your mind - snort a line of the finest horse powder and trip out.

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