Thursday, December 13, 2012

CSRMixtape002: DJ Dragoste Winter Chill Mix

A couple of months ago we announced that DJ Dragoste is making a mix for the cult. But then it got sidetracked because homie's computer got hacked and for a second there we thought all of his shit got deleted into oblivion. Super glad that wasn't the case.

So outta the swamps of Louisiana emerges this Dragoste mix crafted for nights of the cold winter - this is something to get heated on and blazed to. Its hot, steamy, in-n-out animal style, syrup thick, gvcci goth best experienced with headphones, rolling on E and ketamine. Trust us.

If music has a color this mix would be dark purple.

Bump this on your christmas parties and watch the people go ape shit and fucking on the streets. Do it before the cosmic owl eats us!

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