Monday, December 10, 2012

CULT NEWS: New shit!

Gonna keep this update short and sweet so strap on kids

Newest cultist and all around prolific motherfucker nullse✝ would drop his newest LP Bearcraft on the blog today! YES KIDS TODAY.

But while you're waiting - listen to his just released EP GUDD∆WI✝CH II. That shit crey fo realz. Throw the dude a few bones on his Bandcamp.

In the midst of making her EP - Saats Bahar made a few edits + a track off her EP to tide us over from the excruciating wait. Also: her track for the label sampler is mad bomb man.

And speaking of new members of the cult: heavy✝black IS THE DUDE. Take our word for it kids - you're listening to someone onto bigger things. Dude is so bomb he's about to blow up! Watch out for his EP on here!

Is▲Real made a crazy remix that is just the straight up TRUTH. Stream it to believe it!

Speaking of remixes this happened:

This just goes to show that Cult Shit is on Ke$ha's radar which is just the funniest thing EVER.

Now lastly listen to the new collab DJ Dragoste did with DJ Warde. ILL SHIT.

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