Saturday, August 11, 2012

CSR005: Mushroom, the Truth - Feathers in the City EP

Down with the crown.

Back around the mid-00s everyone was into Animal Collective and all that "New Weird America" jazz. Shrooms elevated those standards by mixing in drone and straight up weirdness that his western counterparts won't even touch.

Now that everyone moved on with their sound and no one remembers what the fuck Devendra Banhart  sounds like when he was on mad drugs our boy Shrooms is stepping his game up yet again with an EP that sounds rural as it is urban. Its the music of the forest if the forest is surrounded by towering condominiums: dreamy but grounded, droney but melodic, detached but hyper real. This is the sound of machines and barks of trees singing and smashing into each other.

Essentially its lo-fi drone-freak folk music for these dark times. Get at it dudes!

Mushroom, the Truth - Feathers in the City EP

And as if that's not enough tomorrow we would be releasing a sneak peek on what's in-store for Shrooms: a collaboration double EP with Cult Shit found sound magicians King Mango Mustard! Get stoked!!

In other cult news: Legarda's Happyboy is gonna release a split with okkvltists K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG very soon. News on that as it develops.

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