Friday, September 14, 2012

CULT NEWS: New CSR artists x New releases x New jamz on Soundcloud

No its not the end, it just seems like we forgot to post that update on Mushroom, the Truth x King Mango Mustard collab thing we were talking about the past month. Whoops. That's what happens when you do nothing but watch KOTD rap battles the whole day (Dizaster won the chain vs. PoRich in case you're not in the up and up).

Don't fret though! We come prepared this time around. We have that and tons of other cool news, so lets get cracking.

What can we say? Its Shrooms and the Mustard doing what they do best - post-internet freak-drone with smatterings of found sound collages and heavy reverb. The double EP (isn't that an album essentially?) would be out soon enough so lets all hold our horses. But just by sampling this, you already know that shit is gonna be golden.

Speaking of new music...

There's new members of the Cult Shit Records, um, cult. 2 of them actually. First is DJ Drgaoste from the swamps of Louisiana. No wonder what he does is some dope ass murky shit that plays great on marshland parties. The kinds of parties where you get knee deep in muck that you can't dance right. What? You've never been to one of those? Damn son, you're not living! Bump this shit instead.

DJ Dragoste's first release for the cult would be the sick end of the summer mixtape (more like end of the world) for the CSR Mixtape series (CSRMIXTAPE001) and trust us, we heard the yet to be mastered version and just by that alone its going to be fire. And motherfucking brimstone. Get stoked on that!

Now get in-touch with your inner ghoul and step inside the zombie train 2-stepping that ghoulstep. Salute your new hero, Is▲Real. Not much is known about this cat, just that he would like to find those cyber goths raving to Mortal Kombatronica under the bridge. That and that this mix is pretty much the jam of witches. And if this is any indication what's in-store with his first release for CSR, then its gonna be gravy.

Best known as that guy who smashes guitars, make way for another title: that dude that smashes mics. Nemesis Q drops one killer filler that just makes us anticipate that EP even much more! Niggas in Stoops 2k12! Get that done already dude, ASAP.


Remember when we said that there's gonna be a Happyboy/KB split? Here's some news for ya: we have all the tracks and its tight as fuck! Not only that, alls it needs now is some proper artwork and that shit would be a go. It has 8 tracks that you and your partner could bang to, just enough time if you ask us. CSR006: Happyboy/KB Split soon!!

Now, if all of that doesn't get your attention I don't know what will. GET THE  FUCK OUTTA HERE!

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