Thursday, November 1, 2012

CSR007: Nemesis Q - Ganger EP

Fuck the hustle, bitch. Just fuck the hustle.

November is CSMB's month dudes, and what better way to open the month up but by fucking opening it up with a chainsaw in your mouth, down your throat, pass your rib cage, and through your innards? Nemesis Q's highly anticipated EP, Ganger, has that in spades... and shovels and hacksaws and a basement full of power tools.

This is not "aww she broke my heart and I'm gonna go write a sappy song about it" this is some straight up murder-your-ex-with-a-flamethrower shit, that's how much fire it is. FIRE. Filled with synths outta horror flicks and screwed beats, this is an EP no self-respecting hiphop head should be without. Cop it down below homes.

Albeit short, it makes us anticipate what Nemesis Q has in-store for that inevitably massive album in the near future. Get to it dude, we be pushing that shit like crack to niggas.

Nemesis Q - Ganger EP

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