Monday, November 19, 2012

CSR009: Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ// - BLV3 is †he c0l0r 0f y0ur h3ll EP

Its the 19th somewhere and somewhere Babel falls.

One day, out of nowhere, someone messaged our Soundcloud and Facebook page and asked if we would like to release his music. We listened to one track, one track alone, and we knew this person would go on and do awesome things. Awesome things that Cult Shit Media Blackout should be part of. That was back in October and that dude was Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ//.

And now it has come to this - a haunting 4-song EP that turns up the darkness up to 11. There's a thick fog of ambiance that permeates around the sometimes glittery, sometimes dragged out beats in Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ//'s world that would surely make the future shiver in dread. ZB just might actually be one of the horsemen ushering in the apocalypse, and we're in it for the ride with an awesome soundtrack.

Welcome to your hell, kids. And its color is BLV3.

Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ// - BLV3 is †he c0l0r 0f y0ur h3ll EP

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