Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CSR013: NULLSE† - The Space Between

There is just no stopping this guy.

A month ago, nullse† released his witchy trap opus BL∆CKM∆GIK and the more dance oriented LEFTOVERZ EP. Just short a couple of days, so technically its not even a month yet, nullse† is back once again for another round.

This time around nullse† re-evaluates his sound and expands on it by setting up better traps to ensnare them bitches. The dragged out darkness of his house styled synths envelopes his minimalist production, and this keeps you from pushing forward. It keeps you there, trapped.

After releasing consecutive albums and EPs in rapid succession, ALL FOR FREE, its time to give back my dudes. What's a dollar to a whole album's worth of awesome music, right? You won't even get that kinda savings on your shitty iTunes. Plus, it goes all to the artist (we don't even have a cut!) so he could eat and keep on making dopeness rain. So go borrow your mom's credit card and download that shit!

NULLSE† - The Space Between

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