Monday, February 11, 2013

OUTSIDE THE CULT: Bakecon x Brown Dwarf Records

Bakecon Lookbook Teaser from Tomi Uysingco on Vimeo.

Finally done with this little collab project of ours with Bakecon. But that's not to say this is the end of the collab. Nope not even close. Better kepp your eye for the next one. That shit is gonna be massive.

Big ups to our homies Rocket House ProductionsManila Massive and Blot Art Studio for the major help. Good looking out dudes. Check the video out then peep that lookbook that everyone is ranting and raving about. You should see the comments section down at Purveyr, man. Funniest stuff I've seen since the Grammy's this morning. We can't be bothered by trolls sipping on the haterade since, well, we're all trolls sipping on the haterade. SHWING!

Streetwear is dead, long live streetwear!

click on the picture to go to the Lookbook, and check out the catalogue while you're at it. DO IT!

Now, for something music related.

Our friends west from us, Brown Dwarf Records has this to say about the cult and our other homeboy Into Entropy Recordings. Its pretty sweet and they are now officially in the gang - without even the need of being jumped-in at the back parking lot of some stripmall in Compton or some shit.


Brown Dwarf Records are cool dudes and we'll be collaborating soon on something special. Hint: it spins around and your dad along with that one friend of yours that calls himself a hipster would flip over these. Got it? Shh. Don't tell anyone just yet.

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