Saturday, April 13, 2013


Oh real life, why do you suck out our time?

Anyway, enough excuses about late releases, lets just get down with the tunes and blow the spot. 1st out of our backlog is our homie nullse† with his 7th album to date.

Last time with left him, we were saying that dude can't be stopped. There's nothing but truth in that statement. Pairing fast paced hi hats to his dark, witchy trap this time around, nullse† gets in and demolishes each track, knocking it outta the park with a huge swing.

Download that bad boy for a dollar on nullse†'s Bandcamp. We've given you tons of free shit, a dollar out of your parent's pocket won't hurt. Besides, it goes directly to the artist, and artists need to eat too y'know. Now get to it! Consider that kool-aid money for The Cult.

And everyone knows we love our kool-aid around these parts.

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