Thursday, November 1, 2012

OUTSIDE THE CULT: UP! Australia x CVTY x Rocket House

Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt: UP! x Cult Shit Media Blackout from Tomi Uysingco on Vimeo.

Did we say that November is our month? Because it is.

Just last week, before we went up the mountains to gather shit tons of the sticky herb, we dropped the first collab video we did with UP!, Australia's premier guerrilla marketing team. So if any of you are in Melbourne, hook up with these dudes. They're dope.

We're dropping video 2 next week so keep your ears to the ground homeslice. Shit is gonna be bananas.

JUNKYARD SESSIONS from triskaideka tv on Vimeo.

And now for an oldie but a goodie. Around 6 months ago, we collaborated with our buds in Rocket House and the mad prolific CVTY Collective to make this short documentary. It was shown at Tiga South's first event at South Bar, along with some rocking tunes and more videos from CSMB and Rocket House. That was a blast. Go watch that shit again!

Oh and BTdubs, go like the Rocket House facebook page and watch the latest video reel they made. HYPE.

ROCKETHOUSE-REEL2012-VIMEO from Karl Porio on Vimeo.

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