Monday, February 20, 2012

OUTSIDE THE CULT: QD-4268: K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG - Albularyo Prime

As advertised!

Our boy Acid42 of QED Records -- the Philippines' first ever electronic music netlabel -- released this little gem and had this to say about it:

Kulam+++Barang is a one-man witch house producer who finds inspiration in slowed down vocal samples, hip-hop beats and stories of Philippine faith healers who heal the sick and the gullible profiting from their naivete. Albularyo Prime is a collection of his early tracks, a primer if you will, of the Kulam+++Barang rebellion against all that is crass and all that is mainstream. This is faith healing of the Philippine music industry, a homily wrapped up in audio barb.

Isn't that sweet?

Now go download that bad boy along with a host of others on their website! Click this link NOW!

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