Monday, February 20, 2012

OUTSIDE THE CULT: QD-4268: K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG - Albularyo Prime

As advertised!

Our boy Acid42 of QED Records -- the Philippines' first ever electronic music netlabel -- released this little gem and had this to say about it:

Kulam+++Barang is a one-man witch house producer who finds inspiration in slowed down vocal samples, hip-hop beats and stories of Philippine faith healers who heal the sick and the gullible profiting from their naivete. Albularyo Prime is a collection of his early tracks, a primer if you will, of the Kulam+++Barang rebellion against all that is crass and all that is mainstream. This is faith healing of the Philippine music industry, a homily wrapped up in audio barb.

Isn't that sweet?

Now go download that bad boy along with a host of others on their website! Click this link NOW!

Friday, February 17, 2012

CULT NEWS: CSR on Soundcloud x King Mango Mustard x K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG

Stepping in to the future!

Since you're all probably tech savvy and shit you already probably know what the fuck Soundcloud is so this won't come as big news to any of you. Anyway here's a new track from King Mango Mustard's upcoming full length (that would be CSR003 for those who are keeping score) Käännökset. They're calling it field recordings from home.

The party (if you call that ambient minimalism a party) doesn't stop there though! Since K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG is so prolific we're calling it now: CSR004 would be K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG's new full length K▲B▲B▲L▲GH▲N. Listen to this haunting party groove off the album and play it loud on your nana's funeral after party!

And pop those peepers creepers and dig the album art made by Blue Tooth (of the Cult Shit crew!) for the landmark album. Radimus prime!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CSRMixtape000: Curated by K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG

A remixtape that sounds like the end of the world. You never heard Justin Beiber like this.

Curated by CSR resident occultists K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG, the only Philippine witch house/crypt hop artist in this tropical island, its more suited in the depths of the cold Alaskan tundra where their radio pop songs are barely audible and listenable, buried underneath static, low powered batteries and the purple drank.

Rip this on a tape for your girlfriend for your next virgin sacrifice and (g)rave party zombie heads! Also lift up that chalice filled with blood in cheers for the first mixtape release on CSR! Expect more of shit like this is the near future.

K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG - eatshitdie mixtape

Speaking of the near future, our buds in QED Records would be releasing a primer on K†B jam packed with their S/T demo and 2 single releases! Gonna be out soon so get stoked! Here's the album cover so you could salivate a bit more:

Well isn't that pretty?

As if that isn't news enough take a gander at CSR's next release on the line:

And lastly have you seen this? CULT SHIT! Street art and film productions! Did we say media blackout or what? Come at us bro!

Friday, February 3, 2012

CSR002: Anna Korsakoff - Life in Terminals EP

Because of actual work that pays I've been putting off releasing this little gem.

But since I'm now free from the shackles of meandering slave work, I have all the time in the world to bask in the glory of these two songs. Anna Korsakoff is Francis Maria Regalado from Davao based chaotic hardcore band Caitlyn Bailey, and his more recent Manila ensemble, shoegaze juggernauts, Mount Analogue. But this is not about any of these outfits because Anna Korsakoff is a beast in its own right.

Life in Terminals sounds like the amalgamation of years living in buses and airplanes, in-between lands of noise and honey. Something sweet lurks behind all the noise -- a longing for a place we all call home. The 10-minute epic Life in Terminals would not sound off if Tetsuo hi-jacked the radio airwaves and covered the world in crude metallic fences and cables as vines; while In the Shadow of Emancipatory Dissonance is something any Not Not Fun fan would be proud of droning horror-like but saccharine all at the same time.

Listen to it for yourself. 30 limited edition CD-Rs are available and let me tell you, it would be worth having in your outdated CD collection.

Anna Korsakoff - Life in Terminals EP