Saturday, June 30, 2012

OUTSIDE THE CULT: Sadayatana x K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG

Sadayatana, according to wikipedia, is sanskrit for the six sense bases -- the sense organs and their objects. Its a Buddhist concept, bruh.

John Tocher, an LA transplant now living in southeast Texas, scourers the free music culture of the interwebs for new and old releases encompassing the realms of avant garde, experimental, electronic, musique concrete, industrial, and all these other dada-ist like music. 

Now, if that is something that gets your rocks off, then Sadayatana is your cup of tea! While googling resident occultist K✝B, Cult Shit has came across this gem of a podcast. Its a pretty old episode (because a couple of months in internet time is the same as decades), released about the time Albularyo Prime came out on QED, making it an instant classic. And yes, we did stumble upon this by goggling ourselves. YOU DO IT TOO SO BACK OFF!

This is what Mr. Tocher has to say about Sadayatana 067: Beast People:
Show starts with a collage and looping of tracks by Universos Virtuales (fantastic!) and generally moves into drone territory and layering of samples taken from the Librivox recording of H.G. Wells' "The Island of Dr. Moreau".
The samples were woven into the mix via a script that selected then at random then delayed the selection and playing of the next sample by a random interval. It worked well but you can hear a sample colliding with the voice over / podcast id. Oh well, this is what experiments are for.
Excerpts were played of a tribute to Sadayatana by Luís Antero. Thank you Luís. Very nice.
Particular use was made of Graham Dunning's release "Recompiled 2010 - 2011". Fantastic stuff.
A couple tracks from the "Witch House" release by Kulam+++Barang "Albularyo Prime"
A crunchy and textured time was had by all. This show includes tracks by Backyard Ghost, Black Winds, Cdrx, C. Reider / Tarkatak, Digital Mass, Epsilon Eridani, Graham Dunning, Kulam+++Barang, Kluge, Luciftias, Luís Antero, Melophobia, M.Nomized/the Implicit Order, Morpheus, Peter Leshtchenko, Ricardo Webbens, Rigel Orionis, The Ghost Between The Strings, Universos Virtuales, Wings Of An Angel, Zreen Toyz.
Yes Vuvuzelas are heard to excess at the start of the show. Somehow it works great.
Get your headphones on kids, this shit is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Download: Sadayatana 067: Beast People

There are TONS of other episodes that span the musical gamut, from dark ambient to field recordings, something CSR backs hard being occult tastemakers of outsider music and all, so if you're here then you're probs into that too. Grab all the Sadatayana podcasts like Pokemons here!

John, you're a homeboy for life.

And since were on the subject of K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG, dudes are gearing up for another remixtape release for CSR soon. Listen to these two new mixes:

A glitchy/drone-y take on the OPM cult classic Gusto Ko Ang Nota of former sexy actress-cum-singer Aleck Bovick. Yes, this is serious. Also, where in the world is Aleck Bovick nowadays?

This one is for all the love ones. Particularly my man Big Pun, Pac, Biggie etc etc etc.

Good Bye E▲rth Remixtape 2k12 would be out as soon as the drugs get out of our system. The world won't collapse on itself before it comes though, so don't fret.

We also promise next time the post WON'T be about KB. Those prolific motherfuckers. Next up: CSR005! The enigmatic drone folkster Mushroom, the Truth upping the freaks with his Feathers in the City EP! Stoked!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CULT NEWS: The Pyramid Head Compilation x Nemesis Q

Its early in the morning, too early in fact, but lets pretend actual people read this blog and download our releases and get hyped when new shit is announced. The picture of Yao Ming on my lighter urges me to "go, do it anyway!" I'm taking that dude's advice, because I'm high.


Sometime this year CSR would be releasing a compilation, and we're calling it THE PYRAMID HEAD. Its dark shit for these dark times... the soundtrack for an upcoming apocalypse. Don't take my word for it, though. I'm known to lie and I hate The Perks of Being a Wallflower but think Veep is funny.

It would have new shit from everyone in the cult so get stoked on that. Exclusive traxxx bruh! It even has Nemesis Q in it! You don't know who Nemesis Q is? For shame! Listen here:

Now if that isn't dope shit. WATCH OUT FOR HIS EP OUT ON CULT SHIT RECORDS SOON! What? Yep, ya heard me.

Friday, June 15, 2012

CSR004: K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG - K▲B▲B▲L▲GH▲N


After 2 months of being quiet, CSR is back with the latest release of those evil witches that dig on NWA and Cryptopsy! This sample laden 8-song album is an amalgamation of suburban white noise, hip-hop disses, horror synth magik, and the usual occult juju that comes along with any KB release. BE WARNED: No one can dance to this. But that won't stop the lurch of all the zombies digging on these witchy tunes. Eat those brains dudes, we don't really give a shit.

Those on the know won't be surprised with what's in-store, but for those who found themselves in this little humble blog and don't know diddly squat, well this is a good primer to what KB is doing. Don't blame Cult Shit if you start sacrificing babies after hearing this though.

Witch house is dead since 2011, but with all these black majik it's not gonna be lying in its grave all that long.

K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG - K▲B▲B▲L▲GH▲N