Monday, November 19, 2012

CSR009: Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ// - BLV3 is †he c0l0r 0f y0ur h3ll EP

Its the 19th somewhere and somewhere Babel falls.

One day, out of nowhere, someone messaged our Soundcloud and Facebook page and asked if we would like to release his music. We listened to one track, one track alone, and we knew this person would go on and do awesome things. Awesome things that Cult Shit Media Blackout should be part of. That was back in October and that dude was Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ//.

And now it has come to this - a haunting 4-song EP that turns up the darkness up to 11. There's a thick fog of ambiance that permeates around the sometimes glittery, sometimes dragged out beats in Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ//'s world that would surely make the future shiver in dread. ZB just might actually be one of the horsemen ushering in the apocalypse, and we're in it for the ride with an awesome soundtrack.

Welcome to your hell, kids. And its color is BLV3.

Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ// - BLV3 is †he c0l0r 0f y0ur h3ll EP

Thursday, November 15, 2012

CULT NEWS: New CSMB artists x Upcoming releases x DJ Dragoste mix x The Pyramid Head label sampler

Look. It's Tom Cruise. He's down with cults.

Anyway, where to start? How about The Broken Leslies. Comprised by 4 cats rocking and rolling the blues away, its not far off that The Broken Leslies would become your new favorite band. Because, despite popular belief, we are not just a label of genre bending electronic music. In case you missed the memo, we're down with tunes that are DOPE, and it should come to no surprise to anyone that WE LOVE ROCK AND ROLL AROUND THESE PARTS.

So let The Broken Leslies' blistering rock and roll break that puny indie neck of yours all in good fun, because that's how rock should be - fun and dangerous. Watch out for their release here in CSMB soon!

Anyone remember Spazzkid?

If you were following the progression of CSMB since its early days (which you probably haven't), circa 2007 or something - back when this whole operation came with the name PKi! - our friend and label comrade Spazzkid used to be Cocolulu. He even played his first show in the first PKi! House Show (that was also Legarda's first show before they became the juggernauts of post-rock they are now), but then he moved to sunny California and left us with songs that made us hopeful for his return. tl;dr Spazzkid is an old friend of the cult.

Well, Mark aka Spazzkid isn't back home and won't be any time soon, but guess what: since we got to talking and teary eyed with nostalgia, we decided that he should be part of the cult again. Fuck distance dude, distance is for chumps who don't have the internet. So better watch out for his first official release here and get stoked on his exclusive track on the upcoming label sampler at the end of the month!

For now though listen to his latest track featuring Skymarine from Davao. We've been playing this for 2 days now and it just won't stop being so incredibly good.

Now onto Lucas Tools.

Lucas Tools is a dude from Tunisia, North Africa and he makes electro ambient jamz that lasts for days, music that you just don't want to end. He is also a pretty cool dude and chill to talk to, if you're into that sort of thing. Anyway, there are plans of releasing his EP called Ketsuban - a first of three parts - here in the cult so you gots to be pumped up for that. It's going to be just MASSIVE we tells you.

But while you wait for that, listen and download his maxi EP Fresh Organic Product to whet your appetite. It's mad dope.

Dragoste is back! Well, we think he is. Dude got back to us a couple of days ago and said that he backed up his files and is going to finish mastering that mix of his so we could release it soon. Weird guy, but we love that bat shit crazy dude just the same. "Haters gonna hate I guess lol" was what he said to us when he messaged our Facebook. Hackers are bummers sometimes.

Listen to his Fiona Apple deep house remix and his remix of Mr. Biggs' Take That Shit to Trial for now, and don't worry, we'll tell you when to get back at us when that mix drops.

Now as for the label sampler we keep talking about...


With tracks from everyone in the Cult Shit roster. Better stay strapped til that one happens because you don't wanna get gunned down without hearing this shit. Real talk.

Also, don't forget that Z◊ɤɤ◊B▲Bͼ// is gonna release his EP on the 19th, that's Monday, SO MARK THOSE CALENDARS.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Because of unforeseen events on DJ Dragoste's end (homeboy's computer got hacked and all his files were erased - some straight up cold shit so FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!) we're putting a hold on his mix for the cult. Return to us in the dark side soon brother!

But don't fret! K▼L▲M†††B▲R▲NG is a trooper and made this smash of a mix filled with oddball beats and drug filled remix nuances. This is something you play when you're falling into oblivion from great highs. Just let it crash my friend. Let it crash.

Download that shit NOW!


And in case you haven't yet - download KB's S▲G▲D▲ ▲LL H▲LLOWS' EVE MIX made straight outta the movntains ov Sagada. Just right and proper after you nod out to /SLOZRVHEDZ/ let the coldness of the northern mountains envelope you and the hash smoke fog up your vision. And as an added bonus: KB buried in the mix a new track out of the upcoming album called Sunbones. Get hyped!

Download that shit too NOW!


Even more mixes soon so keep your head up son.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

CSR008: Kidstuff - Nothing But A Test

Here's a record we're sure that would get stuck in your mp3 player of choice.

Kidstuff, the solo project from the frontman of The Strangeness Francis Cabal, is like a gem that was unearthed from a long forgotten musical past of rock and roll - its not of this time but definitely of the now. These lo-fi garage folk tunes is something a modern Woodie Guthrie would sing, stories a forgotten blues musician would tell. You see the trend here? Then you're probably close to what Kidstuff sounds like.

But then again there are curve balls thrown all the time.

Francis and I we're talking about the album and he said he's glad to get these songs out of his system. In my point of view its like expelling demons - and personally its like he is expelling his demons. And watch out for his Townes Van Zandt and Elf Power covers - they are heartbreakingly sweet and would be your new favorites. Someone tell Jam883 to play these songs on Different Sunday FUCKING STAT!

Expect more songs from the latest cult member soon because there are more stories to tell and more songs to sing. And take note: our November streak continues!

Download it. Love it. Leave it.

Kidstuff - Nothing But A Test

Thursday, November 1, 2012

OUTSIDE THE CULT: UP! Australia x CVTY x Rocket House

Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt: UP! x Cult Shit Media Blackout from Tomi Uysingco on Vimeo.

Did we say that November is our month? Because it is.

Just last week, before we went up the mountains to gather shit tons of the sticky herb, we dropped the first collab video we did with UP!, Australia's premier guerrilla marketing team. So if any of you are in Melbourne, hook up with these dudes. They're dope.

We're dropping video 2 next week so keep your ears to the ground homeslice. Shit is gonna be bananas.

JUNKYARD SESSIONS from triskaideka tv on Vimeo.

And now for an oldie but a goodie. Around 6 months ago, we collaborated with our buds in Rocket House and the mad prolific CVTY Collective to make this short documentary. It was shown at Tiga South's first event at South Bar, along with some rocking tunes and more videos from CSMB and Rocket House. That was a blast. Go watch that shit again!

Oh and BTdubs, go like the Rocket House facebook page and watch the latest video reel they made. HYPE.

ROCKETHOUSE-REEL2012-VIMEO from Karl Porio on Vimeo.

CSR007: Nemesis Q - Ganger EP

Fuck the hustle, bitch. Just fuck the hustle.

November is CSMB's month dudes, and what better way to open the month up but by fucking opening it up with a chainsaw in your mouth, down your throat, pass your rib cage, and through your innards? Nemesis Q's highly anticipated EP, Ganger, has that in spades... and shovels and hacksaws and a basement full of power tools.

This is not "aww she broke my heart and I'm gonna go write a sappy song about it" this is some straight up murder-your-ex-with-a-flamethrower shit, that's how much fire it is. FIRE. Filled with synths outta horror flicks and screwed beats, this is an EP no self-respecting hiphop head should be without. Cop it down below homes.

Albeit short, it makes us anticipate what Nemesis Q has in-store for that inevitably massive album in the near future. Get to it dude, we be pushing that shit like crack to niggas.

Nemesis Q - Ganger EP