Thursday, December 13, 2012

CSRMixtape002: DJ Dragoste Winter Chill Mix

A couple of months ago we announced that DJ Dragoste is making a mix for the cult. But then it got sidetracked because homie's computer got hacked and for a second there we thought all of his shit got deleted into oblivion. Super glad that wasn't the case.

So outta the swamps of Louisiana emerges this Dragoste mix crafted for nights of the cold winter - this is something to get heated on and blazed to. Its hot, steamy, in-n-out animal style, syrup thick, gvcci goth best experienced with headphones, rolling on E and ketamine. Trust us.

If music has a color this mix would be dark purple.

Bump this on your christmas parties and watch the people go ape shit and fucking on the streets. Do it before the cosmic owl eats us!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's a trap!

No, not really, it's just our homeboy NULLSE✝ bringing the evil. Mad evil that gives Salem a run for their money, with the southern trap clap and bass heavy synths that ups the evil to 11. You'll notice that we'll keep repeating the word "evil" throughout this post, because, this motherfucker is evil to the bone.

A fitting soundtrack to the end of the world, BE∆RCR∆FT sets the stage to the coming apocalypse with its dark sorcery of beats and sacrificial synths. Evil we tells ya.

This the first release of Null with "label support" which we don't get why. Dude is mad prolific (check out his bandcamp) and out to take names, but as to why no "indie label heavy hitters" has tapped him yet is a complete mystery. That's why we're here, to give people like NULLSE✝ the audience they deserve. Now, be part of that audience and worship on the altar. Virgin blood not included.


Monday, December 10, 2012

CULT NEWS: New shit!

Gonna keep this update short and sweet so strap on kids

Newest cultist and all around prolific motherfucker nullse✝ would drop his newest LP Bearcraft on the blog today! YES KIDS TODAY.

But while you're waiting - listen to his just released EP GUDD∆WI✝CH II. That shit crey fo realz. Throw the dude a few bones on his Bandcamp.

In the midst of making her EP - Saats Bahar made a few edits + a track off her EP to tide us over from the excruciating wait. Also: her track for the label sampler is mad bomb man.

And speaking of new members of the cult: heavy✝black IS THE DUDE. Take our word for it kids - you're listening to someone onto bigger things. Dude is so bomb he's about to blow up! Watch out for his EP on here!

Is▲Real made a crazy remix that is just the straight up TRUTH. Stream it to believe it!

Speaking of remixes this happened:

This just goes to show that Cult Shit is on Ke$ha's radar which is just the funniest thing EVER.

Now lastly listen to the new collab DJ Dragoste did with DJ Warde. ILL SHIT.